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Pamper Your Pet With Our Premium Services

Discover a world of personalized care and devotion for your furry friend at DDW. From grooming to playtime, medical attention to cozy boarding, we're here to ensure your pet's tail wags with joy.

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About Founder - Pooja Advani 

Pet Expert, Business Innovator, Content Creator, Public Speaker

Pet Expert

I've had a lifelong passion for animals. With certifications in grooming, behavior, training, and hydrotherapy, I'm also an advocate for conservation. My specialties include interspecies communication and Bach therapy.

Business Innovator

Since my early years, I've carried an entrepreneurial flame, and it's been a journey of continuous growth. I founded in May 2014, followed by founding Overlooked in 2019 and in 2020.


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Content Creator

I've been a content creator for over 5 years, dedicated to delivering engaging, authentic content that resonates and inspires my audience.

Public Speaker

Ever since I can remember, I've cherished the opportunity to speak on stage. For over a decade now, I've channeled that passion into addressing critical animal and environmental issues, encouraging others to join me in creating meaningful change.

The destination that puts your pet's health first

Caring Experts

We provide expert care that ensures your
pets feel safe, comfortable, and loved at
all times.

Safe & Engaging

Our facilities are designed to provide a
safe, clean, and engaging environment
for your pets.

Customized Services

We offer tailored services that cater
to the individual requirements of
your pets.

Easy and Flexible

Designed around your busy life, our
services fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Affordable Pricing

Quality care that's kind to your wallet, we
offer competitive pricing for our range of services.

Wholesome Approach

We nurture physical, emotional, and
mental health for a balanced, joyful pet life.

Happy Pet Parents

We had kept Axis, our Golden Retriever, for boarding at 'It’s a Doggiie Dog World' for around 18 days, when we had gone out of Mumbai. We were very anxious, as it was the 1st time that we would be away from Axis for such a long time. Fortunately, Axis was perfectly fine during this period. The well-trained team at 'It's a Doggiie Dog World' took utmost care to ensure Axis was fine and they kept her occupied with her daily walks and other activities. We got regular updates & videos on Whatsapp and that was a big relief. In fact, when we met Axis again after 18 days, it seemed she had added some weight! A big Thumbs Up to Pooja & her team.

~ Premkumar

Hi I m aditi Gabbar's association with doggiie dog world is since Gabbar was 5 months.. After the first grooming session there was no looking back. The stuff is like family now and I love the way they take care of my son. Pooja is the back bone behind this amazing place. Love the swimming sessions there. Just wanna say Pooja keep the awesome work on. Kudos to Doggiie Dog World.

~ Aditi

There's nothing in the world that's more important to me then Pepper. With her being such an important person in my life, it had to be a place that treats her like I do. Nobody else but Doggiie Dog world, starting from the the Founder, Pooja Advani to their employees, Saddam being my fav. I feel she's at home, and pepper is always in joy when I see her playing at Doggiie Dog World. I wish the love and warmth stays intact and I pray for Doggiie Dog World to grow so high that it makes it a Happier place for our loved ones. Keep shining y'all.. loads of love.

~ Gaurav C. Bhatt

I have been taking my Golden Retriever, Flash, to Doggiie Dog World for his grooming service for years, and I couldn’t be happier with the level of care and attention that the team provides. What's great is that they use high-quality grooming products and take great care to ensure my furry son’s safety and comfort. Whenever I have to keep Flash for boarding with them, he eagerly awaits to go to Doggiie Dog World. As soon as we arrive, Flash considers Doggiie Dog World as a home away from home because the Doggie Dog World team does wonders and takes good care of him. I highly recommend of Doggie Dog World for their furry pets

~ Mayuresh Pawar

Anubis is our 5 year old GSD. The centre of our world and our soul. Words fail me when I try to say what he means to us. He is the best and we do the best we can for him. Early morning walks, playtime at the beach, playing fetch on our terrace, toys, home cooked meals. All of this plays an essential part in his life but we take our love for him to the next level by ensuring his swims at Doggie Dog World, the hydrotherapy centre in Andheri, where he gets the best possible exercise with his wonderful therapist Pooja Advani. Nothing but the best for the best.Thank you Pooja!

~ Deepa Talib


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