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About Doggiie Dog World

Doggiie Dog World is Mumbai’s first fully-furnished luxurious pet wellness centre. We’re a team of trained professionals and ardent pet lovers. For us, your pet’s care is of utmost importance not compromising on vanity either! Set in an independent 2500 sq. ft. 3 storey bungalow, we have the latest grooming equipment, air-conditioned rooms, temperature-controlled swimming pool, play area, all things your pet need to pamper them, when in our care. More than anything else, we strive to make Doggiie dog world a home away from home for your fur babies.

About Pooja Advani

Pooja always dreamt of having a house full of animals. She would rescue and foster animals from the streets long before she conceptualised Doggiie Dog World, a one of its kind luxurious pet wellness centre. She is a certified groomer, K9 behaviourist, trainer & hydrotherapist for small animals, an animal conservationist, interspecies communicator and a Bach therapist for animals. Her larger goal has been to rehabilitate animals from human slavery, especially elephants which has lead her to adopt 5 elephants from different parts of the world. She created an audio/video podcast on youtube called “Overllooked”, an initiative to educate people about the various issues pertaining to our animals and environment. In 2020 when the world was locked down and facing a crisis, she wanted to encourage people to be sustainable in their daily lives and that's how Earthhium came into existence. A Handmade, environmentally conscious and cruelty free skin care brand that makes a wide range of beauty and lifestyle products for humans and animals. After being in the animal welfare industry for over a decade, creating valuable change, and while still being in it, she set out on a new journey in a completely different field of technology. Which led to the Constitution of Derete, a new generation global technology company that helps people reimagine their businesses in this digital age. She continues to try new things that could fuel her passion and realise her vision.